Togopalms Camp & Institute


We currently hold mobile camps in future church planting locations as well as existing church start ups. These camps have been extremely successful in terms of pouring into young people’s lives and providing opportunities to share the gospel. It is not uncommon to have 50% of the campers make decisions to follow Jesus during the mobile camp week.

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One of the greatest hurdles in leading an indigenous church planting movement is the development and training of national leadership. In sub-saharan Africa, there is a lack of leadership in this realm.  This is why young leaders must be mentored by leaders and formally taught in a Bible Institute setting. God has been working greatly in the lives Togolese, who now have a genuine desire and passion to serve in full-time ministry.

When Togolese believers express desire to be trained for ministry, they enroll in Togo Palms Institute. The program includes 26 courses that require 40 hours of classroom time each. These courses are taught by both American and Togolese professors. The program takes three years to complete. During the summertime, the students work with mobile camps to gain needed hands on experience. This is an excellent time for students to be mentored by pastors and see the needs in the surrounding villages. Once the students complete the program, they commit to a one year mentorship with a local pastor before planting a church.

Permanent Facility

All of this ministry, to date, has been done off site. Our immediate goal is to begin phase 1 of construction on the Togo Palms property. We are currently raising funds for 

  1. Site work ( 3 shallow wells)
  2. Cabin #1 (will sleep 12 boys and 12 girls in a duplex-style cabin)
  3. Bath house #1 (duplex-style construction)
  4. Kitchen