Church Planting

We plant gospel-centered churches in an area dominated by voodoo worship. Locally led, healthy churches reproduce churches. We are planting churches within a 20 mile radius of the Togo Palms property so that they are able to partner together for future ministry endeavors.  The first church is on the west side of Aneho and the second church plant will be on the north side of Aneho, where we have already purchased the property.

We begin the church planting process in each new location by leading mobile camps, sports outreach, courtyard kids, and medical clinics. These provide opportunities for the young pastor to meet and disciple new believers in homes in that local community. The church is launched about 6 months after the initial outreach with a celebration baptism of the new believers. This allows the planter to launch his church with momentum and a group of believer that can do ministry together. Most church plants consist of about 90% new Christians.